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    If you previously donated before my old account was closed, your subscription is still active, please use that pin to access the first set of videos.

    Korean porn is illegal to distribute so it is very hard to get. I previously had an account on xtube but it was closed, and my computer was confiscated along with many others by the Korean government. I no longer upload the videos on my computer (with the exception of this month since I'm out of Korea for Vacation), I will send the videos to a friend from Canada and then he will upload it. I am the only sole provider at the moment, and I need to raise funds for tuition for this upcoming semester.

    Do you have questions?
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    Once again thank you for donating. I will continue providing you with my services and hope my videos help satisfied your urges

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Free videos: There are no charges for these videos, however it is known to be deleted by xtube due to jerks reporting my videos. Hopefully you enjoy what is left.

Just click on the image to my xtube account.

If you would like to view other exclusive videos..

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Description: This set has a mixed of Uncensored and censored videos, which was requested by some of the donors here. Videos includes Military love, it is a horror softcore military porn. Rent-a maid, which involve a dissatisfied partner so he hired a maid to clean the house and a couple of uncensored amateur videos.

$ 7.50

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5th video: Korea Sauna Video Continuation Part 2 한국찜질방 #2. 

Description: Click on the Image (Xtube)

 This video is a Continuation of Part one, which can been seen in the other subscription. The dude forgot to bring his key to the locker, so the other dude wanted to give it to him. Actually he wanted to give him something more, but while he was on his way to return the key he saw what was going on. After that they made love.


                            4th video: Amateur Video #2 . 

                          Description: Click on the Image (Xtube)

Sorry these amateur video hardly ever comes with background info, so I guess I'll leave it to your imagination. These guys are rock solid and hot. There are a little bit of analing going on, it takes place in one of the dude's bedroom. ENjoy 


                            3rd video: Military love 군인의사랑 . 

      Description: Click on the Image (Xtube)

This video is one of my fav, it revolve around two men who is in the miltary. The older one managed to seduce his underling but he was only in it for the sex, however the underling fell in love with him. They made love and was watching his love one making love to somebody else while he was bathing. He tries to kill himself and his lover and the woman that was involve. It is a horror love story enjoy! it is subbed! This movie cost me the most money $35 to be exact. 


                            2nd video: Male Korean house-Cleaner 

                               Description: Click on the Image (Xtube)

 This video is based on a gay committed couple, however one of the partner is dissatisfied with his lover lack of sex drive. They wake up in the morning and he wanted sex and his lover replied "What are you doing". Pretty much he wasn't in the mood since he has to go to work. On the way to work he hired a House-cleaner, not knowing it was a stud. The horny guy decided to daydream of having sexual fantasy with this house-cleaner, however at the end he felt guilty and called his spouse one to come home early, apparently he misses him. He comply with the request and starts making love as soon as he got home.    


                            1st video: Uncensored Korean gay threesome Barebacking 한국인 대물! 

      Description: Click on the Image (Xtube)

 There isn't much description from this video, but it is about three young men in their 20's name Chaechu, MinKyung, Jaemin. Jaemin is the bottom the other two are his older friends? Well they want to film this for their pleasure but someone got a hold of this video and uploaded on the internet. This video is no longer available online until today..    

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